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I know that this election has been rough... a bit of a circus... to some, a joke. That said, your vote is still extremely important. Even if you don't like either of the two major candidates, there are other options or write ins or you can just go with what you feel is right. I know a few of us may even leave some spaces blank. That works, too. Go with your gut instinct, if you will. 

Also, there are tons of other very important issues on the ballots this year. Your voice is important. Today is the day to make your voice heard! Go out there and get your vote on.
YOU can make a difference!

Not sure where your polling place is? Easy... Just Google "My Polling Place" and the search engine will give you a field to enter your address. Just like magic, you know where to cast your vote! Aren't the interwebs great!?

Now get out there and make a difference!!

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